I'm Janeen Olmos 

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I am thrilled I made it here to meet you! 🥳

I've received a ton of support and put tremendous effort into being my best self!

This puts me in a great position to "pay it forward" and help you recover from burnout and THRIVE!

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Humble Beginnings...

I grew up on a dairy farm with my family. When I was about 2 years old, I remember I thought I could walk on a crusty pile of poop 💩but got stuck.

I've made many other similar bad choices that led me to inpatient treatment for 60 days to resolve my compulsive sexual behavior. 

Uggghh, it was humiliating what I did to myself and how I hurt  💔those that loved me the most....


Luckily, I had amazing therapists in treatment (much ❤️to them!) where I learned more in 60 days than I had in the decades of life before then.

I learned I had endured trauma and neglect and felt deep shame about myself that were the roots of my behavior.

I learned to challenge my old "stories" and beliefs, hold myself accountable for words and actions, set boundaries and all this led to a profound new sense of self-respect!

The tools I learned along the way gave me a tremendous amount of resilience that I want to pay forward to people like you!

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More Life Experience...

After treatment, my ex-husband and I went through a painful divorce and custody battle. Wish things could have been different - luckily we are supportive to each other now.

Then I became dissatisfied with my life in corporate America. I'd been in sales, customer service, program and vendor management plus training and had lost my interest in those roles. The emotional side of me that was unearthed in treatment needed to be heard and nourished in a different career.

I went back to school, earned my Masters in Counseling and shared the gifts with clients that others had shared with me.  I was incredibly satisfied!

Then I hit burnout.  I was doing well in my career however my job was demanding, had odd hours that required adjustment in my personal life plus I was overwhelmed in my personal life with life duties and missing out on family events. 

Although my job was to help physicians, lawyers and other professionals heal from burnout, addiction and personality concerns, I needed help myself.  I hired two amazing coaches to help me help and now I want to pay it forward to you!

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And Today...

With my background in corporate, my Masters in Counseling degree, experience treating mental health and addiction issues in adolescents and professionals (doctors, lawyers and others), my own recovery from addiction and burnout plus my Certification in Resilience Coaching, I can offer you a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you revive the Wild 🔥in your one, precious life!

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