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What Is Coaching? 

Coaching is becoming the new standard for leadership, growth, and positive change. People want fast results that aren't mired in the long-term therapeutic approach of exploring and working through the past.

Coaching seeks to understand what you want right now. Janeen will help you uncover your deepest desires, create bold goals and dreams then uncover the obstacles holding you back from them. She uses time-tested tools to eradicate those obstacles which allows you reach your goals and dreams faster. And with the new habits you'll create along the way, you'll have a strong foundation to keep you from slipping back into old patterns. 

  • “A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you can be." Tom Landry
  • "I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities." Bob Nardelli
  • "Coaching helps you take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It's about you creating the life you want - and deserve." Emma-Louise Elsey

Group Coaching Programs

Two types of Group Coaching Programs are available:

  • Banishing Burnout for Healthcare Professionals
  • Accountability Mastermind

See brief descriptions below. For more detailed information on each program, click on the "This Is For Me - I Need Details" links. 

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Banishing Burnout for Healthcare Professionals

The Banishing Burnout for Healthcare Professionals group program with the Driven app offers an easy to complete plan of action that produces profound and measurable recovery from burnout. 

Revitalize your desire to help patients and clients as well as the intimacy you crave in your personal relationships.

Develop an inspiring and motivating customized, lifelong plan for yourself that prevents slipping back into burnout and old patterns.

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Mastermind COMING SOON!

The Mastermind program is for you if you like accountability and structure to help you maintain peak life and business habits with confidence and energy. You prefer to have people to bounce ideas off of to see if change is needed or if continuing to maintain is best.

This program is also available for individuals!

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Individual Coaching Programs 

Two types of Individual Coaching Programs are available:

  • Platinum Life Program
  • Gold Life Program

See brief descriptions below. For more detailed information on each program, click on the "This Is For Me - I Need Details" links. 

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Platinum Life Program 

The Platinum Life Program will push you to into bold life changes because your well being is at stake. You've put your needs on hold far to long and you can no longer wait for things to get better. You are ready for action and need support to make big changes! 

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Gold Life Program

The Gold Life Program is for you if you have had therapy or coaching previously, are feeling mostly confident yet need an extra boost to get you back to solid confidence and on track with the vision for your life!

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Why use Flamingos 🦩 on this page?

The flamingo as a totem animal symbolizes the importance of emotions and their free expression. Flamingos also symbolizes balance, community and cooperation, open-heartedness, ability, attractiveness, endurance, color, joy, happiness, intuition, power, family, nurturing, partnership, love, relationships, sexuality, soul and soul purpose, healing, and much more.

There is no better way to represent all that you will discover in yourself with these programs!