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What is Burnout? 🔥

Burnout is a condition that can adversely affect the performance of modern-day healthcare professionals of all genders and all races. 

Prior to the pandemic, one study in 2019 indicated that more than 50% of physicians suffered from at least one symptom of burnout.  Another study showed that 1/3 of nurses fall into the "high burnout" category. 

Rates of burnout are skyrocketing 🚀 as the pandemic endures.  As a consequence, healthcare workers aren't allowed or do not believe they can take time off to recover from burnout. 

We are in a serious crisis and although the end of the pandemic may be near, healthcare professionals need help NOW.  

Do I Have Burnout? 🥵

The 3 Domains of Burnout are:

  1. Emotional Exhaustion:  Helping professionals affected feel drained and emotionally exhausted, unable to cope, tired and down, and don't have enough energy.  Physical symptoms may include pain and gastrointestinal (stomach or bowel) problems.
  2. Alienation from Activities at Home or Work:  Healthcare professionals with burnout find their jobs increasingly stressful and frustrating.  They may start being cynical and negative about everything: working conditions, colleagues, systems, patients, etc. At the same time, they may increasingly distance themselves emotionally, and start feeling numb about their work.
  3. A Sense of Reduced Accomplishment:  Burnout mainly affects everyday tasks at work, at home or when caring for family members. Those with burnout are very negative about their tasks, find it hard to concentrate, are listless and lack creativity.

When you have burnout, you also may be thinking or feeling some of the following...

  • I feel overwhelmed, burned out and suffocated by all of my responsibilities. 
  • I feel cynical about work, colleagues, patients and my family.
  • I can't get anything done at work even though I'm working all the time.
  • I am making mistakes and feel scared I will hurt someone because I feel so tired.
  • I take care of everyone else, except myself, and I don't even do that well.
  • I can't say no to working more when people ask me to, even though I am desperate for time off.
  • I feel lost. I lack hope, creativity and initiative in my life.
  • I feel lonely.  No one gets what I am seeing or feeling everyday. 
  • I've given up doing things I used to love doing.
  • I have little to no laughter,  pleasure and joy in my life.
  • I have no energy to ask for help - I do it all myself or I don't do anything at all. 
  • I have no time to connect with myself or friends.
  • I need comfort from loved ones but don't ask for it.
  • I feel unhappy with my weight, my eating habits and fitness level.
  • I have no time for physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual growth.
  • I don’t have control over anything.
  • I feel miserable.

You may also be experiencing burnout symptoms in one or all of these areas:

  • Personal Symptoms:
    • Feelings of reduced energy and motivation
    • Coping by isolating from family, friends and colleagues
    • Relationships with your spouse/partner, children, friends and colleagues are all suffering due to your lack of connection with them.
    • Increased feelings of self-doubt, inefficiency and incompetence
    • Unreasonable expectations for yourself, over achievement
    • Lack of focus and ability to concentrate
    • Problems remembering things
    • Making errors at work
    • Impulsive decision making or taking unnecessary risks in patient care
    • Inability to tolerate feedback or criticism
    • Expressing anger or intense sarcasm towards family, friends or colleagues
    • Inability to feel joy or have fun
    • Irresponsibility with finances - overspending, gambling, avoiding financial obligations or bills, etc.
    • Missing work or coming in late and leaving early
  • Physical Symptoms:
    • Physical exhaustion
    • Problems falling asleep or staying asleep
    • More frequent illness such as a cold or flu
    • Headaches, back aches, chest pain or muscle pain
    • Due to increased stress that is not being taken care of, you are at an Increased risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. that can lead to early death
  • Mental Health Symptoms:
    • Alcohol or drug abuse
    • Overeating, sporadic eating or eating junk food regularly
    • Diagnoses of depression, anxiety, etc.
    • Suicidal thoughts or plans
    • Feelings of mistrust, suspiciousness or paranoia
    • Increased risk of needing medication or intensive treatment

These thoughts, feeling and consequences are killing your sense of resilience, self-worth, motivation, joy and satisfaction with career and relationships. 

 Patient and client care are compromised because your sense of empathy is less than what it used to be. 


But seriously - who wants to admit to feeling burnout?

Administrators, colleagues and family may think you are weak for admitting there is something wrong with you.

You may even tell yourself these lies...

  • I feel fine.
  • I love my job!
  • I am happy to take on more work!
  • You don't understand - No one else can help patients or clients like I can!
  • People are depending on me!
  • I'll be fine once I am done or this is over.
  • I'll take a vacation later.
  • Everything would be fine if I was left alone to do my job.
  • People nagging at me is what is making me stressed!
  • It's not me! It's everything and everyone else that is the problem!

Yet you know deep inside these are lies. 

Something is wrong. 

You are not yourself. 

You can't go on living like this.

In reality, asking for help is the most courageous

thing you can do for yourself.


So let's get real 💯 and take a deeper look at yourself...

Using the lists of thoughts, feelings, lies or symptoms above, determine your level of burnout:
  • 0 to 7 Symptoms: You are well on the road to burnout and could benefit from burnout coaching with a focus on accountability for self-care.
  • 7 to 12 Symptoms:  You are far down the road of burnout and could definitely benefit from the burnout course or individual or group burnout coaching.
  • 12 or more Symptoms:  It's time to stop counting because you likely have severe burnout.  Schedule a call with Janeen now by clicking the orange button below to discuss options for you. 

Is there any hope?? 

With all these symptoms how will you ever recover?

You crave and yearn for wellbeing... 

to perform your best at work and

to fully participate in your relationships...

BUT you have NO IDEA how to make that happen! 


And there is another part of you that is thinking,

there must be hope. 

There must be something out there that can help you. 

Someone, somewhere must know something! 

Someone must have some tools that could help you recover. 



Thank goodness there is HOPE,

there are SOLUTIONS and there are TOOLS!

You can RECOVER!

Your solutions are below! ⬇️

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 As change accelerates in our world, 

you need the mental skills to create resilience:

the ability to thrive despite adversity.


Resilience skills in the areas of

Vision, Composure, Tenacity, Reasoning,

Collaboration and Health are critical 

to the wellbeing of healthcare professionals. 


header-logo(the resilience app) and the Banishing Burnout program offer the complete transformation and long lasting change you are seeking!

Both tools will help you...

  • Confront the hard truth about the problems and obstacles burnout has created in your career and relationships.
  • Gain and utilize awareness of how past events and messages impact your present and future to ensure they no longer control your life vision.
  • Establish razor sharp clarity about the values, purpose, goals and identity you desire that motivates you towards the vibrant career and intimacy you crave.
  • Bring goals into reach through increased sense of resourcefulness, planning and anticipating future challenges.
  • Enhance personal insight which will allow for ease in decision making.
  • Fortify your ability to tolerate stress/distress, bounce back quickly from setbacks and manage emotions.
  • Believe change and adversity are opportunities for growth.
  • Increase and maintain your productivity at work and at home.
  • Create stronger, supportive relationships with partners, family, friends and coworkers.
  • Infuse inspiring tools into your routines to create mastery over any obstacle you face.
  • Create a customized plan for your life to put into action NOW and that guarantees you never return to burnout in your career and unhappiness in your relationships!


header-logo& Banishing Burnout Features & Benefits

Your recovery journey is briefly described here:

  • Week 1:
    • Complete assessments to gain insight that you will use throughout the program.
  • Week 2:
    • Meet as a group for a full day to start your journey with a giant leap forward.
  • Week 2 through Month 6:
    • Complete short daily exercises in the Driven app to build resilience.
  • Months 2 through 6: 
    • Meet as a group twice per month for 2 hours per session to build accountability for completing the program, discuss progress, ask questions and receive support.
    • Once per month you will also receive a 1 hour personal coaching call with Janeen. 
  • EVERY week throughout the program you are provided with consistent focus on your life vision, reviving and fortifying your resilience skills and intensive support to keep you on track!

  • Why provide so much support??   

    • Without ongoing support after intensive coaching, you easily slip back into old, destructive mindsets, behaviors and habits within a few weeks especially if you are fighting long term, entrenched patterns of unhealthy attitudes and behaviors.The support you will find in this program is unprecedented!  Many coaching programs end after a few weeks and do not offer ongoing support.

    • Long term change requires consistent effort and long term support.

In addition to all the change-focused support and value listed above, you'll receive these additional jaw-dropping bonuses!

  • ⭐️BONUS 1:  Weekly check ins!  
  • ⭐️BONUS 2:  Three Months of Additional Check Ins after you complete the program!  
  • ⭐️BONUS 3:  One year access to the Driven app!  

With this program, your skills will remain rock solid to help prevent back-sliding into burnout and old thought and behavior patterns. 

Janeen went above and beyond to offer EXTENSIVE support for the first 6 months PLUS ongoing support for an additional 6 months to ensure you build a deeply-rooted foundation of vision, resilience, energy and motivation that will sustain you for a lifetime!


You may be thinking...

  • "Wow this program lasts forever! Why does it last so long??" 
    • The answer is that new skills and habits take effort and TIME!  Yes you can build these skills quickly but will they last if that's what you do?  Janeen knows from experience that new habits need to be nurtured and practiced over time - they don't grow strong roots in a few weeks - it takes months!  Janeen cares enough about you to give you that time to nurture these skills so they don't leave you a few months down the road!
  • "I don't have the time for this in my life right now!"  That makes complete sense!  Any change you make in your life requires a commitment to yourself and to the time it takes to make that happen. My questions for you are...
    • If not now, then WHEN?
    • Haven't you put off feeling your best long enough?
    • Are you willing to stay miserable because you don't want to spend literally a few minutes per day to build lifelong habits that will completely transform your sense of confidence and well-being into feeling unstoppable?
    • Who in your life would tell you, "you are worth it! Don't wait! You deserve this!" because those people are who you need to listen to!
    • Don't procrastinate any longer!  We will give you all you need to be successful in this program!


As a reminder, you can expect to gain the following if you do the work:

  • Realign with your values, purpose and authentic identity.
  • Design a career that works for you and aligns with your values!
  • Reignite your hopes, dreams and goals and feel the motivation and energy to reach them!
  • Wrangle emotions without feeling overwhelmed and controlled by them and learn to use them as guidance and energy!
  • Gain a new sense of self-worth, respect, contentment and a laser focus on your values to guide you!
  • Bulldoze through fear, adversity, setback and change with an unbeatable sense of optimism, resourcefulness, confidence and perseverance!  
  • Create an exercise program, healthier diet and sleep routine you fight to keep because you you feel fit, healthy and resilient!
  • Create robust and always available networks of support!
  • Create strong, intimate and encouraging relationships with partners, friends, family and co-workers! 
  • Overall you will experience PROFOUND and COMPLETE well-being and transformation in your personal and professional life with the personalized recovery plan your create  for yourself that inspires and motivates you!!


Is all this too good to be true - NOPE! 

These are actual results you are guaranteed to achieve if you do the work! 


Read on about the UNBELIEVABLE 



 💯 🏆 💰 

We take on ALL the risk to allow you to fully participate!

We believe our products will allow you to experience significant change and amazing results of increased confidence, abundant energy, a focused future and a feeling of being unstoppable!

After 30 days of starting the course you don’t feel you're heading down a blazing awesome track of life personally and professionally, we will refund 100% of your money AND you can still access the Driven app the remainder of the year for FREE!!

Simply show us the work you’ve done in writing up to this point, let us know what was missing for you without fear of any attempts to convince you to make a different decision - we simply want to know what to do better for others - and we will refund your money immediately! Simple as that!

It’s an irresistible guarantee that lowers your risk to participate in something that could change the entire course of your life!


Don't ignore the fact you need help to save yourself,

your career and your relationships! 

Don't settle for dissatisfaction and misery!  




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Additional Details about Driven


The 6 Crucial Life Domains

The exercises in each domain use neuroscience research to target the most resilient areas of the brain which creates long lasting change.  

Vision: This domain revives your sense of purpose, meaning and goals, fortifies your self-worth and clarifies your personal values. Research shows the more clearly defined your future is, the likely you are to reach your goals and feel successful. To ensure you reach these goals, you need the well defined processes that Driven offers!

Composure: This domain revives your ability to regulate and understand emotions which includes techniques to cope with stress. 

Reasoning: This domain revives your ability to focus on your vision, explore and challenge beliefs, embrace change and increase your ability to be resourceful, adapt to change, plan and solve problems.

Tenacity: This domain revives your skills to maintain motivation, maintain optimism through adverse situations, overcome mistakes, manage time and revive your ability to manage ambiguity through persistence.

Collaboration: This domain revives your ability to work with others at work, school and in your personal life, manage your perceptions of others, improve communication and create reliable networks of support for you.

Health: This domain revives your healthy mind and body through regular exercise, your desire to choose whole, nourishing foods and improve sleep patterns.

header-logoThe AI*-Powered Resilience Coach 

*Artificial Intelligence

The Driven PR6 questionnaire, Driven app and Driven platform are included in this program. Driven is a new evolution in driving behaviors through chat-like conversation and resilience building exercises that will motivate you to continuously move toward your goals!

Through it's interactive, instant help chat bot feature, Driven will help you succeed in the ever-changing environment you live in. All elements of Driven are specifically designed to scale your resilience by measuring and tracking your individual results. 


PR6 Details

The PR6 is a short (3 minute), effective assessment that identifies and measures your resilience across 6 crucial life domains. A personalized report is generated after completing the questionnaire that prioritizes the 6 domains from your weakest to your strongest.

The Driven platform then creates a course tailored to you that targets your weakest domains first - no more guessing about where to start! The course is accessible via your computer, tablet or phone and is self-paced. Each day the course provides short resilience micro-boosts via the AI chat bot to keep you moving towards your goals!

Once you're finished with each domain in the program after 3 to 6 months, take the questionnaire again to measure your progress!

Frequently Asked Questions


and Banishing Burnout are exactly what you need to rediscover the joy, creativity and passion for career and family that you've lost to burnout!

Reignite the desire to help others that you've trained for! 


What are you waiting for?? 

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