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Janeen specializes in speaking events and workshops for Burnout in Professionals. 


She is also skilled in material focused on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Mental Health, Conflict Resolution, Women's Empowerment and other topics in related areas.

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During your event or workshop, Janeen will revitalize your team by increasing wellbeing, increasing confidence, building trust, improving conflict resolutions skills and reigniting their resilience and passion to be productive team members! 


She will light a fire đŸ”¥under a small or large group with her enthusiasm, authenticity and hunger to help your team members make the most out of their lives personally and professionally! 


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Specialty Topic:  Burnout for Healthcare Professionals

With a worldwide pandemic occurring, it would come as no surprise that your team may be experiencing burnout.  Janeen will provide a wide range of education and tools about burnout for doctors, physicians, nurses, mental health and addiction therapists plus other healthcare professionals. 

Custom workshops are available with timeframes from a few hours up to several days depending on your needs. 

Workshop topics for burnout may include...

  1. Explain how burnout develops
  2. The 3 categories of symptoms for burnout:
    • Exhaustion:  Professionals affected feel drained and emotionally exhausted, unable to cope, tired and down, and don't have enough energy. Physical symptoms include things like pain and gastrointestinal (stomach or bowel) problems.
    • Alienation from (work-related) activities:  Professionals who have burnout find their jobs increasingly stressful and frustrating. They may become cynical about their working conditions and their colleagues. At the same time, they may increasingly distance themselves emotionally, and start feeling numb about their work.
    • Reduced performance:  Burnout mainly affects everyday tasks at work, at home or when caring for family members. Professionals with burnout are very negative about their tasks, find it hard to concentrate, are listless and lack creativity.
  3. Clarify the difference between stress, compassion fatigue and burnout.
  4. Inform your team and organization of the impacts of burnout to individuals in regards to mental health, physical health issues, relationship issues,  finances, etc.
  5. Inform your team and organization of the individual impacts of burnout to career, work performance, projects, patient care, etc.
  6. Arm your team and organization with tools to heal from burnout and prevent future burnout.

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Customized Topics 

Janeen will design a custom workshop for your specific audience that includes aspects of...

  • Burnout
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Collaboration/Conflict Resolution
  • Mindset/Attitude Management
  • Accountability & Responsibility
  • Work Life Harmony
  • Mental Health

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Optional Topic:  Emotional Intelligence & Resilience

Is your team a mess - no teamwork, low productivity and too much drama?

Need someone to help your team function collaboratively by identifying specific skills to target?

Look no further!

Janeen will provide in-depth education about how to gain self-awareness, improve social skills, build resilience to feedback, resolve conflict, demonstrate accountability and responsibility and become a productive and likable team member. 

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Optional Topic:  Women's Empowerment

Who are you behind the makeup, clothes, shoes, cars, titles and roles of mother or wife?

Do you clearly know who you are or what you want?

Emotional Empowerment - why do you need that?

Statistics show that women often ignore their emotional health. They take care of everyone and everything else except themselves. Let's get real about this topic and talk solutions!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

With an unbeatable guarantee of satisfaction with the workshop or your money back, let's get started!

Let's help you bust out the best in your team that is buried within them!

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Workshop Experience

Janeen was in the corporate business setting for decades where she obtained leadership skills and training certification.  She presented trainings regularly to vendors and internal corporate clients and has conducted hundreds of group workshops in the therapeutic setting. 

Janeen has honed her skills to capture the attention of audiences and motivate them to results

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